Safest Online Gambling Sites for 2019

Online gambling makes you really nervous? Not sure if it’s secure? You are not alone if you feel this way. You truly have a right to be concerned, as online gambling isn’t as safe as it might be. It isn’t regulated on a worldwide basis, and it’s potential for websites to operate from regions where they are not subject to any meaningful checks or law.
Don’t get discouraged. It’s a GOOD thing that you’re concerned. This means that you’ll likely make a conscious attempt to make sure your safety, which is really not that difficult to do. It’s the men and women who don’t think about their safety whatsoever that are at risk and likely to experience problems.
We cover the subject of online gambling security in detail on this page, but we hope that you are here mainly because you would like to find safe places to gamble on line. So let’s start with our recommendations. The following sites are all 100% safe to use. Actually, we consider these to be the safest gambling websites now in time.
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Visit Site We are very enthused about the internet gambling business here at, and we despise the fact that it is even required to speak about which websites can be trusted and which websites can not. We firmly believe that everybody should be in a position to gamble online without the need to worry about issues of security, security, or equity. This is a multibillion-dollar business, after all. Can it be too much to ask that it may be regulated well enough so that there’s no such thing as a”rogue” gambling site? It would also be nice to be able to deposit our funds on the internet and be confident that we are not going to be ripped away in some way.
Maybe this is too much to ask (for now, anyway). This industry is not controlled as well as it ought to be; this is evident. Online gambling legislation varies so drastically from region to region, which will be Only One of the major concerns we have, and it is the Reason we need to ask ourselves another question:
Will things ever get any better?
We hope so.
We are actually pretty confident about the future of online gambling. The industry IS improving. It will not occur anytime soon, but we’d love to consider that one day it will not matter at all which websites we choose to utilize. Every one will provide an enjoyable and safe experience.
That’s not true just yet, though, which is why we do what we do here in We make sure that our readers can readily locate the best places to wager and play online. Not only are we helping them, we’re also helping the business in at least some small way. The more individuals we steer towards the decent sites, the less people are likely to wind up at the bad sites. And when the terrible sites stop getting clients, there’s no reason for them to exist in any way.
As we mentioned earlier, this site is dedicated to researching the subject of internet gambling security. So there is a lot more information to come. Before we get to all of that, though, we ought to point out that the websites listed above are not the ONLY sites that we recommend. Nor are they the only websites that can be trusted. They are only the ones we believe to be especially secure, and that is exactly why they’ve made the cut .
We also recommend the top sites in a variety of different classes, to make it easy for you to find a site that is appropriate for you. You can find details of these recommendations on the following page. Rest assured that every single site we recommend, in each and every category, is safe to use.
Top Gambling Websites What else do we cover on this page, then? Well, first there are some details about the dangers of online gaming. Then there are some tips for making sure your online gaming safety. These are accompanied by an explanation of how we decide whether sites are secure to use or not.
Online Gambling’s Risks We’d never try to talk anybody out of betting online. We all know exactly how enjoyable it may be, so we actively encourage people to give it a try. It doesn’t have to cost a good deal of cash, and the possible benefits can be significant.
But, we do think it is important to create our readers aware of the possible dangers of online gaming; this is everybody’s best defense when it comes to protection.
The most obvious risk of gambling on the internet is it is possible to eliminate money. This doesn’t need to be a problem in itself. You would like to win, of course, but losing isn’t a disaster when you’re getting some amusement in exchange. And there’s always the chance of winning anyway. Therefore, if you are losing money fairly, and it is cash you can afford to lose, then there is not a lot to worry about.
It is the risk of losing money UNFAIRLY that’s the serious concern.
There are a number of ways that you can lose money unfairly when betting online. For starters, a site might just shut down and keep any funds you have deposited together. This may be a deliberate and intended action, or it may be because the website is losing money and has to close. Either way, you are out of pocket through no real fault of your own.
Secondly, a website may be cheating. Gambling sites can, and unfortunately do, cheat their customers. This may be through unjust terms and conditions, through rigged applications, or a variety of other methods. It’s usually fairly obvious when a site is cheating, but some areas are extremely good at hiding their nefarious activities. That means you won’t always even know that you are losing money . You might just set it down to bad luck.
Third and finally, a site might subtract your winnings without any great reason. This is a frequent act by rogue websites, and one that they get away with far too frequently. A good deal of people just don’t know how to deal with such a situation and end up just writing the money off. This is not fair, of course, but it’s these sites get away with it.
As though this wasn’t bad enough, there are additional dangers, too.
There’s the chance of getting your private details compromised, by way of instance, and maybe sold to firms who will spam you incessantly. Even though this is hardly disastrous, it’s a breach of privacy that can also get really annoying.
Even worse is the risk of getting banking or other financial advice compromised. You generally have to share this type of advice when depositing a gaming site in order to create a deposit. If a website doesn’t protect that information correctly or deliberately misuses it, you could easily end up being a victim of fraud or theft.
A final risk to say here is the risk of problem gambling or addiction. This can happen to anybody. Please do not ever believe you’re resistant to the particular risk, as you are not. However rational or disciplined you are, you still may find yourself losing control.
With that, we have covered the key risks of online gambling. Now you have to understand how to avoid them.
Ensuring Your Online Gambling Safety
Ensuring your online gaming safety isn’t particularly hard. There are just two important things you need to do so as to avoid all of the risks we have just discussed above. These are as follows:
You MUST use reputable and reliable gambling websites. You MUST gamble responsibly.
Number 1 is quite easy. Just follow our preferred websites. We can categorically assure you that the places we advocate are not in the company of ripping off clients at all. They won’t steal from you, they won’t cheat you, plus they will not withhold any valid winnings you create. They also won’t endanger the security of your personal or financial information. In short, you can trust them. You will be perfectly safe and treated fairly. That is precisely how it should be.
Number 2 is not always so simple. Not for everybody, anyway. Some folks really struggle to keep control of their gaming. Happily, they’re in the minority, but the possibility of problem gambling is something that every gambler should take seriously. It is important to set clear limits for how much time and money you are ready to spend on gambling. As soon as you reach those limitations, it is time to stop.
There is more advice for remaining in control of gambling on the subsequent page. Please take some time to see this. Hopefully you will not ever experience any kind of difficulty with your gambling in any way, but it doesn’t hurt to be ready.
Responsible Gambling
1 last thing you should consider is getting some anti virus and anti virus software if you don’t already have any in place. This program will offer you an excess degree of protection against anybody hacking your computer and possibly gaining entry to your online gambling accounts.
Assessing the Safety of Online Gambling Sites We make a big deal of the fact we only suggest gambling sites that we all know to be safe. But how exactly do we know which sites are secure and which aren’t? That’s what we’re going to describe now.
There are in fact several methods by which we assess the safety of internet gambling sites. None of them are particularly complicated, but they are vital components of the procedure we follow when determining which sites to urge our readers. Here are a few of the key methods we use. There are many others, also, but these are definitely the most essential.
Assess licensing details Research a Website’s history Take out testing
Checking licensing information is the very first thing we do when analyzing a site’s safety. If a website is not properly licensed to supply betting and/or gaming services, then we are not thinking about anything else. We immediately know that it probably can’t be reliable.
Simply having a permit is not enough, though. Some licenses are not really worth anything in any way, as they don’t really subject a website to proper regulation. So we additionally assess which licensing authority has issued a site’s license. We’ve thoroughly investigated all of the licensing authorities who issue online gambling licenses, so we understand what their requirements are. If their requirements aren’t strict enough, then for all intents and purposes, their permits serve no purpose at all. We speak more about this later, when we talk regulation in larger detail.
Researching the history of a website is essential when analyzing a site’s security. It helps us to establish what kind of reputation they have and what their track record is really like. Our study includes studying forums to find out if we could get an overall idea about what previous and existing customers think, and seeing whether there are some negative reports. If we know any gamblers who’ve used a site, we will also seek their perspectives. We’ve got extensive contacts within the internet gambling business, so we ask their opinions, too.
We love to draw our personal experiences, too, which is why we carry out testing. This assists us to gauge specific elements of a website that cannot be accurately assessed in any other manner.
The main point is that we do whatever is required to get a very clear picture of exactly how secure a website is to use. If we have any doubts whatsoever about whether a website can be trusted or not, then we don’t think about them for our recommendations. We’d rather risk not advocating a site that we likely should than risk recommending a website that we definitely shouldn’t.
An Insight to Online Gambling Regulation We have mentioned regulation a few times up to now in this report. It is significant because it’s what gives the online gambling industry credibility. Unfortunately, as we have pointed out, not all websites are subject to strict regulation. Some websites aren’t even subject to any law in any way.
The best websites would probably function in a fair and ethical way even if they were not controlled at all, but that is not the purpose. Appropriate regulation ensures that they HAVE to, and it protects us consumers and gives us reassurance.
By betting and gambling with websites which are regulated by a respectable licensing authority, we know that we’re going to be treated fairly. And, in an worst-case scenario, we have any recourse. Licensing authorities can get involved in disputes when needed and help to solve them.
So what does law actually entail, then?
The precise regulatory requirements vary from one licensing authority into another. Some are more rigorous than others, but the reputable ones all ensure that specific minimum requirements have to be fulfilled. The following are what we consider to be the most important prerequisites.
Separation of consumer funds from working capital. Third-party audits and testing. Suitable owners and owners. Advanced security measures.
Let us take a peek at what each one of these actually signifies.
Separation of funds
Separation of customer funds from working capital means any accounts that customers have at a site would be safeguarded in case of a site going out of business. They have to be completely ring-fenced so they can be returned in total, even if a website is forced to enter bankruptcy or liquidation.
Audits and testing When a site is subject to third party testing and audits, it basically means they are not able to conceal anything which may be going on. They have to provide whole access to their documents, their servers, and their applications. This is checked on a regular basis to ensure that everything is as it should be constantly.
Websites are generally directed as to which companies they ought to use for third-party audits and testing. For instance, some licensing authorities insist on the use of iTech Labs. This is a really reliable company that has proved its ethics and freedom time and time again. It’s approved by the majority of licensing authorities, and it works with some of the best operators in the industry. You’ll discover their certificates on screen at many gaming websites. Here’s an example of one: it demonstrates the random number generator at Bovada is completely compliant with all the required standards.
Random Number Generator Certificate
Suitable executives and owners Licensing authorities often need the owners and operators of gambling sites to undergo what’s known as a”fit and proper person test” This test is basically a check to confirm that they are reputable and upstanding folks, and that they aren’t involved in anything unethical or outright criminal. It can help to keep the criminal element from the industry as best as you can.
Advanced security measures
Clients’ private and private information ought to be safeguarded from unauthorized access. Properly regulated sites are consequently required to take all reasonable precautions to keep this data safe from hackers or other external sources. This should incorporate using the most recent technology and some other necessary security measures.
Websites should also ensure that all monetary transactions are fully encrypted so that customers’ banking and payment details cannot be compromised.
As you may see, regulation of the online gambling industry certainly serves a function. If ALL websites were subject to strict regulation, then we wouldn’t need to be worried about our security when betting online. Let us hope the time will come when that’s the situation. However, for the time being, please follow the advice on this page and make certain your own online safety as best possible. Be certain that you only ever use gaming sites that you KNOW are secure, like the ones which we advocate here.

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