Toronto Raptors: 50-1

The Toronto Raptors chosen to stand pat this season. But really, why would the Raps, a outfit, go things that weren’t broken?
Kyle Lowry obtained a contract of four decades and $48 million, which promised the team’s leader and pace-setter would reunite. When the ink was dry on this agreement, the Raps knew they could sit back and bank by the likes of DeMar DeRozan and Jonas Valanciunas , the latter having made his first All-Star Game February.
There’s still some intrigue about the roster, stable though the Raptors are. Virtual unidentified Bruno Caboclo has been Toronto’s surprise first-round choice, and nobody’s quite certain how good the Brazilian might become.
Lucas”Bebe” Nogueira, 22, joined the Raps via commerce in June, and he’s another potential-packed potential. And though he’s not close to being a significant contributor on the floor, Nogueira is tackling the adjustment to his new team in stride, based on Eric Koreen of this National Post:”Regardless, you have the feeling that even if Nogueira was at the center of Siberia without a drop of Russian in his repertoire, he would still be smiling, laughing and just generally being loud.”
In sum, the Raptors did a wonderful job of maintaining a successful status quo while injecting just exciting potential.
And no, I can’t explain their odds are as low as the Knicks’.

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